There isn’t a particularly close airport. So for folks that need to fly, you’ll still need to rent a car or take a bus.

NYC Area Airports

LaGuardia (LGA): Just when you thought the world’s shittiest airport couldn’t get any worse, now it’s under construction. We picked up Cassie’s family there recently and it took us over an hour to get out of the parking garage. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

John F Kennedy (JFK): Ahh, very nice. It’s a little farther out to Andes than Newark, but the international and JetBlue terminals are great.

Newark (EWR): It’s a little bit closer to Andes than JFK, but then you have to drive through New Jersey. After living in the area for more than 10 years now, Kat still gets inevitably lost in NJ due to a variety of odd traffic patterns, signs and detours. Your call.

Upstate Airports

Stewart International (SWF): Technically, this is the closest airport to Andes. It has direct flights from Ireland, Detroit, Philly, Orlando.

Albany International (ALB): This is probably going to be the easiest and most beautiful drive from airport to Andes. Southwest and Frontier fly into this airport, so might be a good option for the Westcoasters.

White Plains (HPN): This is a regional airport, but there a quite a few hubs that have nonstop flights to it. For example, Delta flies from Atlanta, USAirways from Charlotte, and American and United from Chicago. Worth checking out if you’re looking to avoid the city.

Scranton International (AVP): Surprise! Yes! Only about 2 hours away from Andes.