You can also take a bus from Port Authority to Andes. The bus will drop you off in front of the Andes Hotel a.k.a. the center of town.

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What people are saying

“I was pretty blown away when I realized there is a bus that takes you straight from port authority to downtown andes. It made it possible to get up there on my own after work (on my own sched) without having to coordinate with others—such freedom! There was a bus transfer in Kingston or New Paltz (I think) that was super smooth didn’t even have to get off the bus. I do have to say there were some dark moments: a highway was closed and it took double the time it normally does to get there maybe 6 hours though the girl on the bus next to me let me use her charger and was nice—we each said a line about the beautiful sunset and rolling hills but no more than that, thank god (people who go Andes are cool/not too much). By the time I got to the Catskills, I lost reception and suddenly asked myself..”wait..did I ever ask Kat to pick me up? Are there cab services in Andes..hmm doubt it.” After panicking for about 45 min without reception, I finally roll up into downtown andes around midnight (much later than anticipated) not knowing what to expect. Lo and behold, in the quiet mountain air I hear a voice I know far too well yelling on a microphone: “Rendezvous!! And I’m through with youuuu!!” I follow the voice straight to the Andes Inn across the street from the bus dropoff and there I find Kat singing karaoke and I knew I was in for a treat—I had finally arrived.” - Mal, frequent cabin visitor & karaoke fanatic